Our April 10 rally in Washington capped off an amazing week of actions calling on Congress and President Obama to pass commonsense immigration reform with a path to citizenship for aspiring citizens. The sound of our voices was incredible and we know that the members of Congress inside heard our message loud and clear: The time is NOW!

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Over 100,000 people – including thousands of 32BJ members – gathered in front of the Capital Building in Washington. Thousands more of our members rallied across Connecticut and the Hudson Valley on Tuesday and Wednesday, and our brothers and sisters in Pennsylvania took action at both ends of the state.

Washington, D.C.




Hudson Valley

whiteplains31 Our work doesn’t end here. Now we will continue talking to members of Congress-—and taking to the streets if we need to-—to get real reform that includes a reasonable path to citizenship for the 11 million immigrants who are living here in the shadows. We’re starting to get some information about the content of the proposals, and we’re clear about staying on the path to win good and fair reform this year.

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On Saturday thousands of our members were in Jersey City, NJ; Norristown, Pa; and Miami with our community allies demanding commonsense reform.

Miami, FL

On a glorious day in Miami, FL, 32BJ members and the Florida Immigration Coalition massed nearly 2,000 people on a two-mile march from the Jose Marti Park to the Freedom Torch Park, accompanied by drummers and singers. People literally danced on the streets for swift and just action on immigration reform. 32BJ member leader Davidson Dessois spoke to the crowd, alongside Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado and the Catholic and Episcopalian archbishops of South Florida. 11525_609946659033729_2040559516_n

Norristown, PA

Members gathered from Wilmington DE and the Philadelphia region in Norristown, PA, where over 300 workers walked the streets and rallied with immigration activists, DREAMers, and religious and labor leaders. Three member spokespeople addressed the crowd and shared the stage with City Council representative Mimi DeSouza, State Representative Matthew Bradford and Erika Almiron, Executive Director of JUNTOS. 547929_609585319069863_1839195888_n

Jersey City, NJ

At the same time close to 5,000 people gathered from all over New Jersey at Liberty State Park, where Lady Liberty seemed to be watching over our calls for fast and fair immigration reform. 1,500 32BJ members were there with the Laborers and other community, religious and ethnic organizations. It was a colorful, musical celebration centered by calls from Hector Figueroa and Senator Bob Menendez to bring 11 million immigrants out of the shadows and fully into American life. We had around 20 elected officials speak to the crowd. 562330_609593555735706_1735845551_n